About Us

About Us

Arafat Asia is a global leader in web design, development and enterprise app development solutions. We provide a full spectrum of contemporary IT solutions, including enterprise web portals, applications and customized web portal development. We welcome you to experience the world of website design and development and search engine optimization.


We believe in understanding, so our approach is simple. We listen to your needs and equip your strategies with the best suited solutions. We combine your unique knowledge and your experience of industry, with our technology to ensure you have the edge over your competition.


We provide unbiased suggestions and use superlative methods to implement our client’s demand. With the intellect and hard work, we transform the output as benchmark for the new era of corporate needs. We have done a great deal but still have to accomplish unsurpassed tasks, for those who have trusted us and will trust us in future.

About Us

Our work speaks for itself, as we pay specialized attention to quality and the requirements of our clients. Our success lies in our client’s satisfaction. Technological advancements are accelerating, market behavior is continuously in flux, we constantly observe and understand the welfare of our customers and this understanding enables us to deliver tailored and targeted solutions.

Elaborating our services in detail, we pride ourselves on offering affordable and effective solutions for business in almost every industry. Whether your existing site needs a little tweaking, a new website. Whether it is an individual, small businesses or large industries, Arafat Asia is ready to assist.